Welcome to Rock Band Shop!

This site came about a few years ago when me and a few friends got into to Guitar Hero and Rock Band like a major addiction. We were indexing the internet to find the best prices for Guitar Hero and Rock Band games, microphones, drums, wireless guitars and accessories. So after a few years of hard work we are proud to offer you the best prices on the net, guaranteed, with full service support and MONEY BACK service.

Take a look at our Rock Band Game section, we provide reviews and track listings for every game as well as the best place to purchase them

Check out our Rock Band Instruments section, we have made sure not to include junk but just the best of the best guitars, drums and microphones and other accessories. Each of these items have been tested by us personally.

We are also offering Rock Band apparel so that when you leave the house, you can bring the game with you. Hey, people dig rock band so use that to your advantage!

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